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Hunt Country

When the body of a televangelist’s grandson is found on a Maryland horse farm clutching an eviscerated fox, Tyler Lowe, a state investigator struggling to regain custody of her daughters, finds the case escalating in hours.  With the grieving religious congregation transforming the boy into a saint and land developers and animal rights’ activists hovering around the edges, the situation explodes, menacing Tyler’s custody prospects and her very life.

This novel is set against and explores the decline and transformation of old Maryland amid the excesses and predations of social and economic change.

The Death of Hunt Country introduces Tyler Lowe, formerly long-listed for the US Olympic equestrian team, married to a wealthy Virginian, and the mother of three girls.  At that time she worked part-time for the Fairfax County Police, handling liaison with Federal agencies including the CIA.  Then, a case gone bad put her in the hospital.  When she finally recovered, she found herself divorced, custody of her daughters given to the paternal grandparents, and her horses sold.  Now, living in Maryland and employed by the State of Maryland, she is on her way to regaining custody and putting her life back together.  But can she?

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American heiress, Cassandra Hamilton, visiting Regency England in the wake of the War of 1812, finds herself a killer’s target following the discovery of a stash of gemstones and a diary containing a deadly secret.  Forced to act on her own after being refused assistance by the prince regent, Cass deals with death, bankruptcy, and the regency’s excesses.

In Death and Decorum we have a meticulously researched historical mystery focused on the legal and social straight-jackets encasing women in the 1800’s.  With Cass Hamilton, the unmarried daughter of a Boston financier with a talent for making money and a disregard for social constrictions, we enter the world of the movers and shakers of the early nineteenth century.