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Niesje W, “It is action packed with intrigue that keeps you in suspense chapter after chapter.  What a thrill.”

Debi B.  Every free minute I had was spent with my nose in your wonderful book. You did an amazing job. Congrats!!! I was totally absorbed in the plot, characters, the intrigue, and the twists and turns. The descriptive words of the particular event/s, location scenery, action, houses, customs, etc. were awesome. At times I had to bring myself back to reality that I wasn’t there watching it unfold. I saw a posting on face book that you were going to be speaking about the book on January 17. I wish I could be there.

Helen M.  I just finished your book for the second time! Thought I had missed some things in the first read through, so did it again. Really enjoyed the story and suspense and action and the information about the area and people as well. Have you left it open for a sequel??( Wondering about the opal ring.) Good characters and some real nasties

Darrylyn G.  I just hate it when I’m enjoying a really good book and it comes to an end. Your book was really good. Thanks for the riveting ride!

Jane K. Hi Pat, I just finished reading your novel and absolutely loved it! The story was great and your style of writing is wonderful. Very, very well done. I can see it being made into a movie or it would make a great series. That would really be interesting. Do you have plans for another novel? Hope so. Jane

Mary B.  Wow!  I just finished your book!  Pretty cool.  I don’t consider myself to be a critic-but I can truly say it was good!  I was thinking it must be difficult to “continue the suspense” and I think you did just that-plus I enjoyed the story.  Good job.  … Waiting for book #2.

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