Meet Pat Stuart

“It’s impossible to overstate what I owe to Wyoming — Park County and its people in particular. I attended schools in both Cody and Powell. Here I learned the values that made it possible for me to break some serious glass ceilings in Washington. Here I developed the deep roots that brought me back between tours of overseas duty and, eventually, to again live and work. As the daughter of an engineer who worked on the Heart Mountain Division of the Shoshone Project, I learned an abiding love for this land and what it can produce. As the step-daughter of one of the first homesteaders to file on that Division, I came to appreciate the toughness and strength necessary to produce the well-tended and productive farms that still give the our Shoshone Valley its character.”

Candidate For Park County Commissioner

Pat Stuart will run for the Park County Board of Commissioners. A proud product of both Powell and Cody schools, Pat spent her professional career as a Central Intelligence Agency officer with tours of duty in Africa, Europe, and the Arab world.

“When I retired,” Pat says, “I knew that in time I’d want to give back to the place where I grew up and which formed my values.”

Speaking about her upbringing, Pat continues, “It gave me the strength of character to thrive in a tough professional environment and break some major glass ceilings … not to mention to work effectively both in Washington and with the power brokers of the countries where I was assigned.

“One of the most important things people should know about me,” Pat continued, “is that I’m a strong fiscal conservative. I was brought up to make a dollar last and to believe that the smallest government is the best government. That said, people sometimes need help. My experience tells me that our county government should play a role in helping those in need through no fault of their own, as long as it can be done in a fiscally conservative manner that does not burden the taxpayer or pile on regulations.

“We can build the partnerships and coalitions that meet Park County needs. We can assemble and motivate cooperation between individuals and community groups, other governmental entities, and non-profits. Through their work and under county guidance, I believe we can improve lives, making Park County a better place for everyone.

31 years of service to America in the CIA:

  • 4 years spent in unstable countries with multiple coups and civil war.
  • Led in a stay-behind situation during the first Gulf War.
  • Dealt with highest levels of government as Chief of Station in 3 different countries.
  • First female Chief of Operations for a conflict-ridden regional division.
  • Recipient of numerous awards including an intelligence medal.

Additional Accomplishments:

  • BA from the University of Oregon and an MA from George Washington University.
  • A Wyoming Humanities Council Road Scholar
  • Wyoming American Association of University Women Public Policy Chair
  • Park County Library Board (two terms), worked on cap tax and new county library project
  • Creator and Manager of the Grizzly Gathering Fundraiser – cleared $127,000 for the children/teen libraries in Park County (the seed money for an endowment now worth over $1,000,000)
  • Retired horse breeder/trainer/competitor and current owner of Wybar Farm on the Heart Mountain Division.
  • Active supporter of and donor to multiple groups supporting social services, our natural resources, equine organizations, and historical and educational institutions.
  • Writer and author of five published works including a novel, Regime Change, and a memoir on the North Fork and the Shoshone Forest, Determined Women: The New Pioneers.