A Tyler Lowe Mystery


A Regency Mystery

For all horse lovers who’ve yearned for another series after reading Dick Frances, there’s help on the way in the person of investigator Tyler Lowe. Tyler enjoyed an equestrian’s dream life—married to a wealthy Virginian, long-listed for the U.S. Olympic equestrian team, mother of three girls, and work as the Fairfax County Police liaison with the CIA.

Until a case gone bad puts her in the hospital. When she finally recovers, she finds herself divorced, custody of her daughters given to the paternal grandparents, and her horses sold. Thanks to friends she lands a job as a detective with the Maryland state police and begins the process of regaining her daughters.

Two years later and with every possibility of a win in a forthcoming custody hearing, Tyler is sent to Adamswood, the home of a multi-million dollar horse show where the body of televangelist’s grandson has been found in a jump field bordered by a trailer park, his arms clutching an eviscerated fox. A case that begins as possibly only malicious mischief escalates in hours to threaten the show with its Fortune 500 sponsors and the lives of everyone concerned. While the grieving congregation transforms the boy into a saint and while land developers and animal rights’ activists hover around the edges, the situation is about to explode, menacing Tyler’s custody prospects and her very life.


DEATH AND DECORUM takes the reader on an exhilarating ride through Jane Austen’s England, including all the wonderfully dramatic notes Austen left out—beginning with Jane Austen, herself. Together with American heiress, Cassandra Hamilton, and caught up in a conspiracy they understand not at all, the two deal singly or together with war, death, bankruptcy, and the regency’s excesses. More, they treat the reader to a tongue-in-cheek look at such matters as the first lady’s bloomers (no inner seam), the idiocy of the medical profession, chamber pots in drawing rooms, and the erosion of decorum.

The story begins with murder, a coroner’s jury, and Cassandra’s discovery of a diary containing a deadly secret along with a stash of gemstones. Pursued by the conspirators, Cass futilely seeks help from the prince regent while Austen’s first beau takes a hand … but on which side? DEATH AND DECORUM is a meticulously researched exploration of the regency, particularly the seldom examined legal and social straight-jackets encasing women in the early 1800’s as seen through the eyes of two unusual women and within the vehicle of a fast-paced suspense mystery.


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